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What is International Baccalaureate Essay Writing?

This extended essay, or EE is a requirement for the IB Diploma Programme. It allows students the chance to do research on their own for an essay topic that they’re interested in. the topic is up to the student to choose, as long as there is a teacher in their school that teaches related to the subject, so that the student will have a supervisor over their subject. In an international baccalaureate extended essay, the recommended time spent on your essay is around 40 hours, for research, writing, editing and everything included in the essay writing process. Make sure you don’t procrastinate this, because the last 40 hours before the deadline makes for a less than worthy essay.

International baccalaureate extended essay writing is expected to be an essay above the level of a regular school essay you’d do for another class. This is a larger scale project that requires more of the student but also lets them show their writing and research prowess towards their diploma.

The Way to Write a Great IB Extended Essay

The best way to approach this essay is to stay calm; 4000 words might sound like a lot, but after all the research you’re going to need to do, your first draft could be anywhere from 6000 to 8000 words, and it’ll be easy to just regurgitate the information in your own words! When you just follow the guidelines that you’re given and don’t worry about the length of the essay, you’ll be surprised at how hard it actually is to cut down your work to be at the 4000 word limit. Start by looking at our IB extended essay writing services. We can help with everything from choosing a topic, the research, outlining, and writing parts. Here are a couple tips on picking a good topic:

Hire to Write your IB Extended Essay

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