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An academic essay is generally written with a higher level of expectations than any regular high school paper. The requirements are stricter and more is expected of the student’s researching and writing abilities because of their maturity and post-secondary education, whether completed or currently being pursued. Old formulas for good essay writing such as the five paragraph format aren’t sophisticated enough for new college students, and there isn’t any flexibility in those kinds of templates. One of the key things to keep in mind with academic essay writing is that these types of essays are written for scholars by scholars. Doesn’t that leave you out of the equation? You might think so, but once you enter college or university you’ve become a scholar yourself. So when you have an academic essay you need to write, it needs to have the higher level of thinking, ideas, research and work ethic that scholars have. Make this your new attitude about homework. Your university and college professors aren’t looking for academic essay writing that’s about a day in your pet hamster’s life (unless you are in a scientific field and your hamster relates to research). It’s time to step up your writing and thinking level.

Here are Some Free Essay Writing Tips:

This type of paper has a few specific elements that make an academic paper an academic paper. If you aren’t sure of the exact guidelines, ask your teacher and reread all the materials they have given you. Although most academic essays follow a very similar procedure, depending on your particular school or program, there may be some deviations that your professor will allow, or even wants you to do. Here are some of the things that you need in your paper:

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